JoshuaTreeMindfulness practice involves bringing our awareness back to the present moment. We all have moments of this kind of awareness during pleasurable activities such as listening to music, walking in the woods, or when we are fully engaged in other activities such as sports. But mostly we live in our heads, preoccupied with thoughts of the future or past, analyzing, blaming, planning, worrying. For most of us this is the case even when things are going well. When we are ill or stressed these patterns of thought can interfere significantly with our capacity to recover our well-being and enjoy life.

Mindfulness involves fostering a particular attitude: acknowledging our circumstances, exactly as they are, without judgement, and without wishing for things to be different. It makes possible a new way of thinking about our lives and of being with ourselves. With a willingness to try new and more effective ways of coping, we begin the journey of healing ourselves.