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On Remembrance Day 2016

On  Remembrance Day – Dear mindfulness practicing friends: On Tuesday we witnessed an unexpected victory for Donald Trump in the USA-  he will be the next President for our neighbours to the South- along the longest undefended border between two nations. Our people have  evolved side by side for over 150 years  with enough shared values

“Are mindfulness practices making us Ill?” – A question worthy of serious reflection.

I was recently sent a link to a couple of articles by an English journalist Dawn Foster which appeared in The Guardian- a British publication to which she is a regular contributor. Ms. Foster writes about her own introduction to mindfulness practice with a group of people in a work place setting. The session began

Cultivating Tranquility – Step 2

Tranquility is a state of mind and body many of us deeply appreciate. How can we cultivate tranquility? And why is it so often an elusive state in our daily lives? The truth is that we are a busy, wired up species with many interests and distractions continually pulling us in different directions. This creates

A Credible Lightness in Being

 Recently at the end of one of our Mindful Morning practices at River House in Ottawa, we spoke about uncertainty, the fleeting nature of our motivation, our bodily feelings and that despite our practice, we still mess up with the people in our lives! I guess we had the good sense to inject some

Compassion Meditation and CPR Practice

“Time will come when with elation you greet yourself…… For several years now, research into the efficacy of mindfulness training has focused on which of the many components of the practices is most significant in producing desired outcomes. Which meditative practice, for example is most significant for healing? Which practice or practices yield the greatest sense of ease and freedom from

Impermanence in November

November is a time to let go the blooms and prepare for the somber quiet sparse beauty of winter. I remember a few weeks ago how brilliant so many trees were in my neighborhood. How much we enjoyed staring upwards and admiring the dizzying colour display of maples in October. These same trees are now