Mindful Eating

Thessaloniki-IstanbulEating is socially and culturally so much more than just fueling the cells of our bodies. Mindfulness is the ideal skill with which we can explore and learn to untangle our many human needs from “hunger” and food cravings.

  • Are you frustrated with diets that can not help you arrive at and maintain a healthy weight you can feel good about?
  • Are you concerned about getting the beneficial nutrients your body needs daily?
  • Do you have a history of binge eating; intense cravings or obsession with your weight?
  • Do you suspect that you may be eating to meet emotional needs not your nutritional ones?
  • Do you long for making peace with your body and reconnecting with the pleasure of good food?
  • If one or more of the above concerns apply to you, consider our small, supportive group of likeminded individuals as we explore together the many factors that influence our relationship with food.

As part of her clinical psychotherapy practice, Dr. Kathy Nathan has run 6 session programs on exploring and shifting our disordered eating patterns.

This six week Mindful Eating Program is an introduction to the power of mindfulness and teaches various skills to shift habits of mindless eating due to stress and past learning. We discuss the complexity of eating and enjoying our food and learn to distinguish components of hunger and our desire for certain foods at certain times. With knowledge, discipline of mindfulness comes the power to make shifts in our eating patterns and really make a difference in how we feel about our bodies and ourselves. If you already have a meditation practice, the 4 week NEW PROGRAM will be ideal for you.

While this is not specifically a weight loss program, many people do experience a change in their weight by the end of the six weeks. More importantly, the aim is to deepen our wisdom about our own relationship to ourselves and what is driving a dysfunctional eating patterns. Come and learn when, why and how you eat is conditioned by present habits, or eating patterns learned from your families of origin, as well as social and cultural messages that are hard to ignore! This is done in a small group environment, with compassion and emphasis on our common humanity.  Participants have said that it is a powerful and fun learning experience that has transformed how they see themselves relating with food and eating.

Typically this workshop runs on Afternoons between 3-5 p.m and is now available Mondays and Tuesdays in January, February, May of 2018 also Fall availability dates will be available. Times may change depending on demand. Some familiarity with mindfulness practice is strongly recommended for this eating program. Download this form or e mail mbsrworkshop@rogers.com to find out more about the program and to apply for your spot.