For Healthcare Professionals

Dunes4DesertFloorNo longer limited to serious yogis and monks searching for enlightenment, mindfulness practice, including sitting meditation, has become part of mainstream health care showing many benefits for the brain and the body. Mindfulness based treatment has been recognized in medical circles for its role in reducing stress, managing pain and other difficult symptoms, such as agitation, depression and anxiety which severely impact our health and predispose us to many illnesses. Psychologists are incorporating mindfulness based approaches into traditional cognitive therapies, enhancing the effectiveness or these proven psychotherapeutic methods. Similar opportunities are waiting to be realized in other health care professions, in the arts, and in the sciences.

Are YOU a mindful health professional? Are you a musician, writer, artist or teacher? Perhaps you work in human resources or the communications field? As a professional working with people, your work and personal wellbeing can benefit from a commitment to practicing present moment awareness. Do you wish to more deeply inform your professional work with mindfulness? If you are interested in joining others who also aspire to boost professional effectiveness and personal satisfaction in our work through the continued cultivation of mindfulness, please contact us for information on how engaging in one of our programs can be just the right way to seamlessly fold a personal mindfulness practice into your professional work and personal stress management.

NEW PROGRAM Beginning September 2015.
Please email me if you are interested in joining a mid-week Mindful Evening one Wednesday per month into 2016. We will be meeting at The Palyul Dharma Centre 1516 Laperriere Ave.  Due to the limited space, we would like to hear of your intention to come.  Please send an e mail to In order to offer this meditation opportunity have partnered with Mindfulness Ottawa, a filial organization of professionals with a deep interest in mindfulness practice in their work and personal lives.

We would like to hear from fellow healthcare and education professionals as to how we can help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily work.