Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

What is Stress?

DesertFlowerStress is our bodyʼs response to difficult situations where we fear an inability to cope effectively. In these situations, the body and mind are involved in physiological changes commonly referred to as “stress reactivity”. This is also known as the fight/flight/ freeze response. When this happens, we are operating in a crisis mode, and need to marshal both inner and external resources to recover our physical and emotional wellbeing.

How Does Mindfulness Help?

Mindfulness training begins by teaching us how to calm down, be present and tune into your body and mind to take care of ourself. Whatever ails us, a large part of our every day suffering are the thoughts, emotions and attitudes we have about our situation. Mindfulness is a direct way to work with these aspects of our everyday experience. What can be more rewarding, and valuable than the confidence that we are aware — both of how others and events affect our feelings and thoughts; and how we can choose the better way to relate to our world?

There are over 500 research studies on the use of mindfulness based psychological and medical therapies in numerous areas of medicine. Many of these studies show great promise for mindfulness based treatments. Mindfulness has been used in aiding recovery from psoriasis, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, prevention of recurrent depression, and the control of symptoms associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, painful conditions including, cancer treatment; coping with obesity and other eating difficulties.